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Increase your traveler bookings, repeat purchases, and customer referrals using automation... 

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From The Desk of Krishna Lewin
Kingston, Jamaica
RE: Increase your revenue...

Dear Tourism-Business Builder:

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If you want to increase your traveler bookings, this is for you.

Business owners call my office daily, seeking help to grow their businesses.

They want to advertise and essentially buy more attention.

But advertising without a strategy to consistently follow-up with leads is like trying to catch water in a bucket full of holes.

Some businesses have more holes than bucket.

And it's not water that’s leaking. It's cash.

Think about it: how many potential customers have slipped through the cracks because you didn’t nurture them effectively into paying customers?

And how many past customers haven’t returned or sent referrals your way?

If you're like most business owners, the answer is probably "a lot."

And you'll continue to flush money if you don’t have a system to follow up with new leads that come in.

That's why I created:

the Automated LEAD ATTRACTION & Followup System!

It's designed to help businesses attract and follow-up with leads until they book, and follow-up with past customers so they leave a positive review, send referrals, and buy again.

And here’s why you need it.

Most of the people you attract in advertising are still in research mode.

They’re comparing prices and checking out their options.

They’re not 100% ready to buy yet.

So rather than just sitting and hoping they remember to return when they're ready, our system will automatically follow-up and reel them back in before they buy from someone else.

This means:

  • ​You’ll establish a relationship and build trust, which is one of the biggest roadblocks in making a sale.
  • ​You’ll position your business as an authority in the prospect’s mind, making the decision to buy from you easier.
  • ​You’ll keep your business top-of-mind, which increases the chances they’ll come back and buy from you.
  • ​You’ll no longer be dependent on unreliable staff to follow-up. The system doesn't sleep or get distracted.
  • ​You’ll eliminate the need for price reductions. People will pay more to buy from businesses they trust.
  • ​You’ll increase brand loyalty with past customers by keeping in touch after they've bought.
  • ​You’ll get more reviews and testimonials from past customers, which will help to convince new leads.
  • ​You’ll increase the number of referrals you get from past customers by being able to send periodic reminders.
  • ​You’ll increase repeat purchases from past customers and increase your lifetime earnings-per-customer.

Our Automated Lead Attraction & Followup System will help you to unlock a whole new level of growth and profitability for your business.

And we’ll set everything up.

You don’t have to write a single email or do any coding. Just sit back, relax, and we’ll handle all of it.

Here’s everything you’ll get:


There are several reasons why people don’t buy immediately.

Some common ones are:

  • They don't trust you
  • ​​Lack of Social Proof
  • ​​Unclear value proposition
  • ​​Still checking around for prices
  • ​​etc…

There’s no way you can overcome all those objections in your advertising or website.

So to increase your sales, we'll schedule daily emails that address each objection individually.

You'll get:

  • ​​Introductory follow-up email sequence: Five scheduled emails that will strategically crush objections and establish authority.
  • Complete email management software - to manage all new leads and past customer contact info. (DPA compliant)
  • Email list segmentation setup - so you’ll always know which emails are new leads, past customers and where they came from.

This will increase your sales by converting more of your website visitors into customers.

$997 USD ...for all the new sales you'll get that would've otherwise slipped through the cracks.

But that's not all…

To make sure your mailing list grows at light-speed, we're also going to create...


People wont give you their contact details just because you ask them to.

You have to give people a good reason for them to opt-in to get your follow-up messages.

So to maximize your leads, we’ll make your website visitors an irresistible offer in exchange for their email address.

So you’ll also get:

  • A High-Value Content Offer (HVCO) - This will attract and compel your ideal customers to sign-up for your followup messages.
  • A 3D mockup of HVCO - This will increase the desirability of your lead magnet.
  • A Landing page with Opt-in Form - We’ll design and develop this page to present the HVCO and collect email addresses.
  • Landing Page Sales Copy - We’ll produce professional-grade sales copy for the landing page to show value and increase desire.
  • A Thank You For Opting-in Page - This page will be used to redirect users after successful opt-in and potential upsell.
  • An Auto-Responder to deliver HVCO - This will be used to automate HVCO delivery when a user subscribes.

This will skyrocket the number of leads that subscribe to get your follow-up messages.

Value: $997 USD ...for all the new leads you'll get that would've otherwise been forgotten about.

BUT WAIT! There’s more…


In a perfect world, every happy customer would immediately leave a great review and refer their friends.

But unfortunately it rarely works that way.

If you want to get good reviews and referrals, you have to directly ask for them. Sometimes numerous times.

So we’ll also automate the delivery of review and referral requests.

You'll also get:

  • Feedback Request Email - This will encourage the customer to leave a review of the product or service on your website or a third-party review site.
  • Referral Request Email - This will encourage the customer to refer their friends or family to your business.
  • Upsell or Cross-sell Email - This will recommend complementary or higher-priced products or services that the customer may be interested in.

This will strengthen relationships with past customers, encourage engagement and loyalty, and generate new business.

Value: $997 USD ...for all the new referrals you'll get and the additional customers as a result of your raving reviews.

But there's still more!


People start planning their trip months in advance.

By the time they're finally ready to go, there's a good chance they’ll forget about your business. 

To prevent that from happening, we'll schedule monthly reminder emails to be sent out for up to a year after they subscribe.

Some examples of the messages we'll send are:

  • Educational Emails: This will increase desire for what you sell by helping them learn more about how your products or services can benefit them.
  • Customer Success Stories: This will increase desire by demonstrating how your products or services have helped other customers.

  • Industry Insights & Trends: This will help to establish your business as a thought leader and provide additional value to your leads.
  • Plus many more...

By sending long-term follow-up emails, you'll build trust, increase engagement, provide value, and reduce objections over time. 

You'll also increase the chances of a successful conversion and create a loyal customer base for your business.

Value: $997 USD ...for all the new and repeat customers you'll get that would have completely forgotten about you.

And finally!


One way to increase your profits is to decrease your monthly expenses.

So to keep your expenses as low as possible, we’ll teach you how to manage everything we create so that you can take over and manage it all yourself, if you choose to.

All the tools and services we use.

That way, you won’t have a monthly burden of continuing to pay us.

Value: $xxx USD ...for all the money you'll save by not having to pay us to manage it for you.


I’m just running this promotion for a few days so I can get some happy customer testimonials.

After I get a few, the price goes up!

And I can only take on (3) clients at this rate. As you can see, it’s a lot of work.

So if you’re interested, sign up now!

"There’s Absolutely No Way You Can Lose On This” guarantee!

I know there’s some risk with every business transaction. So here’s how I’ll completely remove that risk from you and place it all on me.

Here’s my “There’s Absolutely No Way You Can Lose On This” guarantee.

If you purchase this package, and you don’t, at a minimum, double your leads and the number of sales you get from Social Media, then we’ll keep working on it until you do, at no cost to you…

As simple as that.

So just to recap, here’s everything your getting when you grab this promotion:

Total Value: $9,082.00 USD >> But you won’t pay that.

Your One-Time Cost: $2,999.00 USD - (That's a 67% discount!)

Limited-Time Offer!

Once the timer below hits 0 (or I get three clients), I’m taking this page down and increasing the price.

So Click the button below and schedule a call now!


  • ​This is a heavily discounted promotion so unfortunately there are no payment plans. Payment must be made in full for us to begin.


  • ​Pre-sale Email Sequence ............................ (Value: $600 USD)
  • ​Lead Magnet ........................................................ (Value: $600 USD)
  • ​Post-sale Email Sequence ......................... (Value: $600 USD)
  • ​Long-term Follow-up Reminder ............ (Value: $600 USD)
  • ​No hostage training ....................................... (Value: $600 USD)

Total Value: $3000 USD

Order Today And Only Pay

Just 3 Payments Of $299 USD

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